UNTRANSLATABLE, released August 2014, is now available here! (Hardcopy)


Featuring Sara Serpa, Michael Mayo (vx), Mike Moreno, Linda Oh (bs), Kenneth Salters (drs), Rogerio Boccato (percussion) and the Yanni Burton String Quintet, this album is Sheens' second album as a leader and draws upon Untranslatable words from several languages for compositional inspiration. 


ABC Jazz, 2014

Physical Copy $18.00 USD

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EVERY EIGHT SECONDS, released December 2012, is now available here! 


Featuring Sara Serpa, JiHye Kim (voice), Quentin Angus (gtr), Linda Oh (bs), Colin Stranahan (drs) and Rogerio Boccato (percussion), this album is Sheens' first as a leader and presents original compositions influenced by Turkish, French, Brazilian and West African music. 


"Articulate, highly original and angleic - an unbeatable combination.....pure inspiration has been channelled here"  

                                              - Jerry Bergonzi



"Beauty, majesty, grace, vision, humor and fresh grooves abound on this new CD by young pianist/composer Matthew Sheens. All the players play with great sensitivity, beautiful tones, big spirit and muinto alegria!"         

                                               - Ra-Kalam Bob Moses



"A very strong project, well-written and beautifully played. A very distinctive thing going on, rare these days of so many clones. A wonderful touch and the execution is really strong! Great band!"


                                               - Fred Hersch



"..of Mozartian dimensions - 4 Stars"


                                               - The Australian